Saturday, July 30, 2011

ACLU Responds to Myriad’s Letter Challenging Standing of Dr. Osterer

On Thursday I posted a letter from Myriad's attorneys to the Federal Circuit judges pointing out that the key plaintiff in the case (Dr. Osterer, the only plaintiff found to have standing in yesterday's decision from the Federal Circuit) has moved from NYU to Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Myriad asserts in the letter that Dr. Osterer will not be able to perform clinical genetic testing at Albert Einstein, and thus will not be because it into start conducting clinical BRCA testing if the Myriad gene patents are invalidated.

Yesterday, the ACLU responded with its own letter to the Federal Circuit, stating that Dr. Osterer will continue to offer clinical genetic testing at his new institution. It would seem to be an important point, since the District Court decision would have been vacated if the Federal Circuit had held that all of the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring suit. The only plaintiff that the Federal Circuit found to have standing was Dr. Osterer, and this was based explicitly on the court's understanding that he intended to begin conducting clinical BRCA testing if the patents could be invalidated. One wonders if this information could have altered the outcome if it had come to light sooner.


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